Thousands march against war in Gaza across West Yorkshire

Gaza demonstration rally in Dewsbury – photo Iain Dalton

In West Yorkshire, Socialist Party members joined two 1000+ strong demonstrations on Saturday 20th January.

The now weekly march in Leeds swelled up from hundreds the week before to around a thousand this week, marching noisily round the city.

In Batley several hundred had assembled to march to Dewsbury but as they set off people joined the march from every direction, with groups of people waiting to join the match en route. This swelled the march to over a thousand before it spilled out of the square outside Dewsbury town hall for a rally.

Socialist Party members at the demonstration from Batley to Dewsbury – photo Iain Dalton

Our leaflets were rapidly snapped up on the demo, with people particularly interested in our appeal for people to support, or stand themselves as, TUSC candidates in opposition to Starmer’s Labour. Dozens of people have left their details with us over recent demonstrations.

Many of those buying copies of the Socialist in Dewsbury were first time readers, grabbed by the headline calling for a new workers party, and having seen us on demonstrations previously wanted to find out more about what we thought.

Iain Dalton, Leeds & West Yorkshire Socialist Party 

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