Huddersfield meeting discusses a socialist alternative to cuts and war

Huddersfield Socialist Party public meeting – photo Tom Gibson

The Leeds and West Yorkshire branch hosted a public meeting in Huddersfield as a follow up to our campaigning to stop the cuts proposed by Kirklees council and against the war in Gaza. 7 people attended a meeting for the first time after finding out about the meeting via campaigning around Huddersfield.

Louie Fulton, Leeds & West Yorkshire Socialist Party

Iain Dalton, Yorkshire Socialist Party secretary spoke about the socialist alternative to war and cuts which for many attending was the first time they had been able to discuss a socialist view on these issues and a discussion arose about what the trade unions can do to help fight back on these issues.

One attendee had just joined the party and another agreed to join, with many agreeing to another meeting in the new year and being ready to actively participate in campaigns in the area.

A discussion after the meeting between a few attendees about how to organise a union in your workplace and participating in campaigns and in the unions followed. We shared the struggles of raising unionisation in the workplace and advice was shared from more experienced members of the party.

This meeting shows the importance of arranging meetings and campaigning for them in different areas to reach new people who have been looking for a party that represents them and their communities.

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