Leeds Sudanese community rally against coup in Sudan

“We don’t want the military in government any more” this was the message that rang clear at the Leeds rally against the coup in Sudan earlier this week.

Leeds Socialist Party member

Over 100 people rallied in City Square, predominantly from Leeds’ Sudanese community, although a banner bringing solidarity from Leeds TUC was also present.

We ran out of copies of the Socialist Party’s leaflet with many who took it reading it intently after taking a copy. 3 people bought copies of the Socialist.

Socialist Party joined calls to oppose the coup and fight for a government of workers and the poor – photo Leeds Socialist Party

Iain Dalton, spoke at the protest on behalf of the Socialist Party, bringing solidarity with the resistance against the coup, and raising the need for the struggle against the military leaders to be based on grassroots organisations if wishes and the poor like the Neighbourhood Resistance Committees which should be rebuilt.

A government of workers and the poor could seek to run Sudan on the basis of meeting the needs of ordinary people, and appeal internationally for solidarity from the workers movement.

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