GMB members continue fight against fire and row in British Gas

British Gas workers came back out on strike were back out on strike from Friday 19tb February after the strike was suspended over the previous weekend for talks.

Iain Dalton, Leeds Socialist Party

British Gas management had previously stated that there would be no further negotiations, so reps see the company as taking a step on the back foot by agreeing to the talks, alongside their pledge not to use hire and fire again.

But as one striking worker told us on the Leeds picket line “It’s too late to say they’ll never use fire and rehire again once they’ve already attacked our pay and conditions!”

A new offer from the company is being finalised, but without removing the planned implementation of fire and rehire, then workers were of the opinion that “nothing has fundamentally changed”.

The wider trade union movement must rally around the British Gas workers to defeat the use of fire and rehire. Other employers seem to increasingly be reaching for it as a tool to attack pay and conditions, and if not stopped at British Gas, its user will accelerate further.

Donations to the local strike fund should be made by bank transfer to:

Name: GMB Yorkshire & North Derbyshire
Sortcode: 60-83-01
Account Number: 33010724
Ref: BG Local

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