GMB lobbies Leeds City Council

GMB lobby of Leeds City Council, supported by Gipton & Harehills TUSC candidate Iain Dalton – photo Leeds Socialist Party

The GMB organised a lobby of Leeds City Council on 20th March. The lobby was led by GMB Special Educational Needs reps and supported by parents and Leeds Trades Council.

SEND stands for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities but the reps have used the acronym for their demands for

Safe staffing levels

Evaluate for fair pay

Nourish out future

Develop out people

The campaign wants a comprehensive overhaul of provision, together with the regrading of the pay structure which have not changed for over a decade. They are asking for the end of the Level one Teaching Assistant role because everyone is working at a higher level.

A statement  in support was later carried by the full Council. The Union will be pushing the Council to fully implement their demands.

Kevin Pattison, Vice President Leeds Trades Council

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