ASLEF members prepared for sustained action to defeat Tory-backed attempts to hold down pay

On a hot Saturday morning 13 members of ASLEF Union picketed the Leeds Railway Station Entrance. The mood was resolved, and clear that they would be in for the long hall. Socialist Party members spent time talking with the strikes handing out leaflets, and selling copies of the Socialist.

Paul Thomas, Leeds Socialist Party

There were 2 sets of strikers LNER and Cross Country. We were told that the companies have not held discussions with ASLEF since the 6th June. The idea that discussions are ongoing as touted by the rail companies is simply not true.

Irrespective of the companies attitudes towards talks their hands tied in the negotiations by the government wage limits.  Grant Shapps is leading the governments disgraceful stratergy of attacking the unions and the “essential worker”..

The comment was that the rail strike were this government’s miners strike. Given the way Liz Truss, our likely next Prime Minister, is modelling herself on Margert Thatcher this shows how little the Tory’s have moved on, always attacking the unions and workers right to fight for a decent deal from the greedy bosses.

The rail unions are seen as the key the defeating the union movement. it what is becoming a summer of discontent As the government seek to further minimise workers right to fight for a fair deal. The movement of power to the bosses in the 80s was dramatic and felt in every aspect of today’s struggle with all the technical elements having to be met to allow works to fight against imposed real term wage cuts.

The sense was when rather than if they would be back on strike. But next time it would be the full raft of companies represented with Northern balloting now. The unions were talking about delivering maximum impact by working with the RMT so that more days in a week can be covered having more impact on all companies involved in delivering rail services.  We say stop giving public money to share holder and greedy bosses, nationalise the rail companies and deliver a safe excellent service delivered by people on decent wages.

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