West Yorkshire marches against war in Gaza

Leeds – loud protest, until crowd fell silent

From Briggate to the Art Gallery, chants could be heard loud. Demonstrators were well aware of the lack of coverage the capitalist media has given to the crisis in Gaza.

Palestinians living in England have families directly affected. This is more than an isolated conflict. It affects lives in the Middle East and beyond.

Solemn silence fell when the cries for justice from a 17-year-old Palestinian girl were heard throughout the crowd.

Demonstrators also voiced that their support for Palestine does not equal terrorism, it does not equal antisemitism, but is rooted in support for rights for all.

People said these demonstrations will occur weekly until the inhumane attack on the Palestinian population is ended. Iain Dalton, Yorkshire Socialist Party secretary, also spoke to the crowd.

Iain said the right-wing government in Israel is weak. That government has faced weekly demonstrations for the past six months in Israel (see socialistworld.net). Now that government is preparing a brutal ground invasion of Gaza.

Iain called for a socialist intifada of mass struggle against Israeli capitalist state oppression. And he called for mass workers’ parties.

In the UK, that would be in opposition to the mainstream capitalist parties who defend the bloody assault on Gaza. In Palestine and Israel, it could give a genuine socialist alternative for the masses to the dead end of national conflict and oppression under capitalism.

“1..2..3..4..occupation no more”, was another chant by the crowd, and they were right. The occupation must end, and the war on Palestinian lives must end.

John Tival

Bradford – youth marched and the march grew

200 mainly young people marched across Bradford, and the numbers grew to 350. Speakers criticised the Labour council, which refused the demonstration access to the town hall steps, usually allowed for demos.

Tory home secretary Suella Braverman said ‘it may be illegal to fly the Palestinian flag in Britain’. So 50 people waved them in defiance.

Kevin Pattison

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