RMT members oppose #Moreforless fare hikes and rail service cuts

RMT members held a day of leafletting outside major rail stations including Leeds over the latest round of fare hikes of 3.8% at a time many rail services are facing huge cuts. As the leaflets were headlined, rail users are paying #Moreforless.

Iain Dalton, Leeds Socialist Party

Socialist Party members joined the action in Leeds. In the hour or so of leafletting, we almost ran out of leaflets supplied, showing the deep public support that can be mobilised beyond the various campaigns the RMT is running against these cutbacks, including cuts to ticket office staff, holding down wages and more.

At the same time as these cuts affecting rail service users and workers, shareholders have received £2bn in handouts. It’s time not only to end the cuts to rail services, but also to take our rail services out of the hands of these private sector profiteers and into public ownership under the democratic control of elected reps of rail workers and service users.

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