NHS campaigners lobby against removal of NHS treatments

Campaigners from local groups involved in Health Campaigns Together gathered outside Leeds Town Hall on Wednesday 22nd August to protest plans to remove 17 treatments from the NHS outside one of the consultation events on these proposals.

Iain Dalton, Leeds Socialist Party

These have been dubbed ‘unneccessary’ by NHS England, who wish to take away the ability for doctors to refer patients for such treatments on the NHS. It is a measure more about cost-cutting, could push those who want such treatments into the private sector.

The threatments include a number of measures to ease pain, from carpal tunnel syndrome to back pain. One of the treatments, grommets to treat glue ear, is something I had as a child and made a big difference to my hearing but also y ability to fully take part in lessons at school. The idea that such treatments that made a difference to me will be denied to others, is motivation enough to fight this and other penny-pinching measures the Tories have lined up to run down our NHS.

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