Leeds Trans Pride 2019

Around 200 people gathered in Leeds on the 31st March for the second annual Trans Pride event that this year also marked the 10th anniversary of Trans Day of Visibility.

Michael Johnson, Leeds Socialist Party

Attendees spoke of the progress that has been made in that time but that this does not mean Trans people should rest on their laurels. Trans people have gained some legal protections but still face high levels of unemployment, around 2 years wait times for NHS services and transphobic hate crimes are going up.

There was a clear mood for action on the march around defending Trans rights and the Socialist Party intervened by pointing out the Tories, embroiled in infighting, are kicking reform of the Gender Recognition Act down the street and the cuts to public services, including gender clinics and mental health services, which are a key contributing factor in the key issues affecting the day to day lives of the Trans community.

We presented the need to build a mass working class movement for a Trans rights and an end to all forms of discrimination, and the socialist transformation of society.

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